In the face of fear, be our Protector and Provider. Give us a strong sense of ultimate security in you, God. Teach our hearts to desire your kingdom above any earthy security.

– Prayer from The Liturgy of Politics, Kaitlyn Schiess

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ARTICLE: Why We Need Christians in Law Enforcement

Christians may disagree on whether police reform is needed or if it is needed to what extent. Regardless of that debate writer Charles Holmes Jr. says that Christians need to lead by example and get involved in law enforcement “to exemplify what love and true service in minority and poor communities looks like.”

ARTICLE: White, Black, and Blue: Christians Disagree Over Policing

Poll after poll shows that the majority of white evangelicals say that police treat black and white Americans the same despite the majority of black Protestants saying police treat white and black Americans vastly different. Why does the white evangelical church not believe the black protestant church? Bonnie Kristian lists four reasons why.




PODCAST: Do White Evangelicals Love Police More Than Their Neighbors?

Aaron L. Griffith, assistant professor of history at Sattler College in Boston, discusses the history of policing and the intertwining of evangelical’s support of law and order presidential candidates. Griffith also dives into what we can do to change by examining our motives, terms to be wary of and that we have to admit that we expect too much of the police which is a failure of how we have setup our society.

PODCAST: Listen. Lament, Legislate. Part II

An excellent, highly recommended round table discussion that focuses on the legislative side of the anti-racism movement. If you want to know what you can do as an individual then this is the podcast for you, but before listening make sure you listen to part 1.



SHOW: Policing the police (2020)

After documenting the Newark, New Jersey police department in 2016 historian and writer Jelani Cobb returns to examine the changes the police department has undergone in four years after being signaled out by the Department of Justice for routinely violating people’s civil rights and mandating changes.

SHOW: Policing the police (2016)

A fascinating, deep dive into the Newark, New Jersey police department and the challenges it faces with policies, mistrust, the stress of the job and the changes the police department is going through.

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