By Ten Minute Bible Talks Podcast | Part 1 / Part 2 | 38m total (19 min each)
Published in October of 2020

SUMMARY: At first glance the Bible may not have a lot to say about policing, but after learning that Roman soldiers served as a police force in Biblical times verses such as Luke 3:14 and Romans 13 take on a new meaning. Pastors Keith Simon and Patrick Miller, using chapter 2 from Esau McCaulley‘s book Reading While Black as a reference, engage in a nuanced conversation about defining what policing is, the mission of police officers, governmental authority, accountability and more. Note that this is a two part podcast as linked above and below.

KEY QUOTE: “These people that we are policing – every single one of us – is made in the image of God. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We need to be thoughtful about money, ticketing and fines – how all of those things play into the larger picture of policing.”

DID YOU KNOW?: Sunday to Saturday has curated topical playlists on Listen Notes where you can subscribe and listen to them in your favorite podcast player.

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