By PBS Frontline | YouTube | 53m
Published in September of 2020

SUMMARY: After documenting the Newark, New Jersey police department in 2016 historian and writer Jelani Cobb returns to examine the changes the police department has undergone in four years after being signaled out by the Department of Justice for routinely violating people’s civil rights and mandating changes.

The first half of the show is the backstory that the 2016 documentary covered while the second half examines the changes in Newark. Hopeful and depressing at the same time.

KEY QUOTE: “Public safety is not just the absence of violence and crime. We’ve gotta increase that sense of well-being where people feel okay about walking down the street at night.” — Aqeela Sherrills, community activist

MORE: Watch the 2016 documentary and read our review – SHOW: Policing the police (2016)

More curated shows on policing:

SHOW: Flint Town

An intimate, engaging eight part series focusing on the Flint Police Department (Michigan) that shows the policing from all sides, the police, the public that supports them, the public that doesn’t support them, the politicians that support them and don’t support them, and everyone in-between. Flint Town shows the complexity of working for a police department in neighborhoods that are at high stress levels because of poverty, race, and, in Flint’s case, water issues. It also shows the differences in officer’s approaches to policing based on their ethnicity and where/how they grew up. This series is highly recommended.

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