By Tyler Huckabee | Relevant
Published in April of 2021

SUMMARY: From the report issued by President Harry Truman in 1947 to the Kerner Commission ordered by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968 Americans have known for decades that racism has been embedded in police departments across the 50 states. Police brutality along with a culture of racial bias has put us in the current situation in the 2020’s. Relevant Magazine’s Tyler Huckabee says enough is enough. We don’t need anymore commissions or studies, what we need is meaningful police reform.

KEY QUOTE: “No more. No more reports to tell Americans something we already knew during the Truman Administration. No more needless debating, with talking heads hemming and hawing over if there’s a problem. There is. That’s been determined. What we have not yet figured out is whether or not we as Americans have the moral will to face that problem and make the brave, necessary changes that will address it.”

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Read the full article at Relevant

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