TV-MA (graphic images, language) | Netflix | 5.5 hrs (8 episodes/41 min avg.)
Released in March of 2018

SUMMARY: An intimate, engaging eight part series focusing on the Flint Police Department (Michigan) that shows the policing from all sides, the police, the public that supports them, the public that doesn’t support them, the politicians that support them and don’t support them, and everyone in-between.

Flint Town shows the complexity of working for a police department in neighborhoods that are at high stress levels because of poverty, race, and, in Flint’s case, water issues. It also shows the differences in officer’s approaches to policing based on their ethnicity and where/how they grew up. This series is highly recommended.

KEY QUOTES: “There is a bigger systemic failure that contributes complexity to the job of what we do. It is poverty. And yet people still have to try and find a way to operate. And then the police we wind up being the person who is called into the home and we hear about all the other ways that people are crying out and reaching out to people who should be helping them who are ignoring them. I don’t fix streetlights. The houses need to be torn down – I don’t do that. The downside of that is that they expect you to solve all that stuff. It is just the cycle.”

DIG DEEPER: We have curated four guided learning paths to help you think distinctly Christian about policing.

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