By Love Thy Neighborhood | Listen | 1hr 3m
Published in November of 2020

SUMMARY: Co-hosts Jesse Eubanks and Rachel Szabo weave commentary from protestors and police while exploring the history of law and order and the evangelical community. For Christians, it is not either being for protestors or for police, but a third way that is having compassion for the police while seeking justice.

KEY QUOTE: “One of the consequences for us, as white evangelicals, is that when we have such reverence for police – we almost really view them as borderline infallible, they don’t make mistakes – we don’t appreciate the fact that there is a whole lot of narratives and biases at play that could lead to an outcome that none of us really want. There is nothing wrong with having respect for law enforcement. In fact, God tells us to respect those who have authority, but are the viewpoints we are taking truly out of compassion for our communities or simply out of fear that society is slipping away from us? That society is doing something inherently evil and we need law enforcement to fix it?”

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