By Emmanuel Acho | YouTube | 23m
Published in November of 2020

SUMMARY: Whew! This is an intense 23 minutes. Hats off the Emmanuel Acho and the Petaluma Police Department for talking with each other and role modeling what it takes to make change – sitting down together and asking and answering difficult questions.

KEY QUOTE: “Proximity breeds care and distance breeds fear.”

DIG DEEPER: We have curated four guided learning paths to help you think distinctly Christian about policing.

More curated shows on policing:

SHOW: Flint Town

An intimate, engaging eight part series focusing on the Flint Police Department (Michigan) that shows the policing from all sides, the police, the public that supports them, the public that doesn’t support them, the politicians that support them and don’t support them, and everyone in-between. Flint Town shows the complexity of working for a police…

SHOW: Policing in America needs to change. Trust me, I’m a cop.

Police officer Renee Mitchell tells a story where she had to choose between appeasing her superior by arresting an individual or letting the individual go and putting her career in jeopardy and how that decision cemented the idea that the way we police in America has to change.

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