By PBS Frontline | YouTube | 53m
Published in May of 2016

SUMMARY: A fascinating, deep dive into the Newark, New Jersey police department and the challenges it faces with policies, mistrust, the stress of the job and the changes the police department is going through.

KEY QUOTE: “Changing the culture – that’s the biggest challenge. Getting officers to buy in – there’s a new way of policing; policing has evolved. That’s the hardest part. You know, and that’s with anyone that’s been stuck doing one thing one way for 20 years and saying, “Look, this is how it should be. We’ve done it wrong, now we can get it right.”

MORE: The documentary crew visits Newark four years later – SHOW: Policing the police (2020)

DIG DEEPER: We have curated four guided learning paths to help you think distinctly Christian about policing.

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