Our Mission

To curate content for the church with our guided learning paths, learning capsules and five questions while providing a distinct four step framework to engage with a topic. We are a Christian collaborative who have a passion for curating topics for a disillusioned church.

Our History

A seed was planted in October of 2019 after reading an article penned by author and co-host of the Holy Post podcast Skye Jethani where he argued that the church may need to pivot away from a sermon centric model for discipling its members and instead curate content for its congregation. (Read our Why curation is needed article for more information)

This intriguing proposal sent us searching for curated content online and in our churches. We found the resources online to be overwhelming while our churches resources to be lacking. We were further spurred to action in the summer of 2020 with the continued silence in our churches about issues of racism, protesting, immigration, nationalism, partisanship, and a host of other issues. We knew we had to act.

SundaytoSaturday.com was launched in June of 2020 with the intention of researching two topics each year from a distinctly Christian perspective.  Here is a list of what we have researched for year to year.

Guided learning paths: Guns as well as a topic to be determined are on the list for 2022.
Learning capsules: Woke, how to read the news

Guided learning paths: Justice, Policing (winter of 2021)
Learning capsules: Debuted in the summer; Thanksgiving, white privilege, Black lives matter, the Tulsa Race Massacre and critical race theory.
Five questions: Debuted in the spring; racism, politics, justice, white privilege, Black lives matter (winter 2021)
– Surpassed 200 curated forms of media

Guided learning paths: Racism, Politics
– Developed four step framework
– Surpassed 100 curated forms of media

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