With curated content we want to bridge the gap between church and home.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between time spent at church on Sunday and the other 167 hours in the week by providing a website of curated Christian media.

We curate a variety of media platforms to fit the individual learner, with the end goal being, that they will dig deeper into the Bible and gain a better understanding of Jesus.

Our History

A seed was planted in October of 2019 after reading an article penned by author and co-host of the Holy Post podcast Skye Jethani where he argued that the church may need to pivot away from a sermon centric model for discipling its members and instead curate content for its congregation.

After researching the world wide web and looking for curated resources in our church and finding them lacking from the church side and overwhelming from the internet side we knew there was a gap.

SundaytoSaturday.com was started in June of 2020 with the intention of researching two topics each year.  Our first topic is racism and is ongoing.  Our second topic is politics and is ongoing as well.

We are a Christian collaborative who have a passion for curating Christian media for the body of the church.

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