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  • SERMON: The Crime Scene

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    Dr. John Perkins says that the church has fundamentally got it wrong and that we must repent of our sins – pride, greed – and that our only hope is in Jesus and a multi ethnic church. Audio volume is a little lower than normal, so make sure to turn it up

  • SERMON: Ethnic Unity

    Rapper and Del Ray Baptist (Alexandria, VA) pastor Shai Linne makes a passionate case for ethnic unity based on Biblical principles centered on the gospel along with grace, unity, patience, humility and bearing with one another in love. One of our favorite resources.

  • MOVIE: I am Not Your Negro

    I am Not Your Nego movie cover

    Actor Samuel L. Jackson reads from author James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript Remember This House over video clips and pictures from the sixties. Baldwin’s criticism of white America hits right to the core – especially for the white church. Presented in the vein of a Ken Burns documentary. Though most of the footage is over 50 years old, it could have come out of today’s headlines. If you are watching on Amazon Prime, pause the movie and use the x-ray feature to learn about the lesser known historical figures. Note that there are graphic images.

  • SHOW: Uncomfortable conversations with a black man

    A continuing series with Fox Sports analyst Emmanuel Acho who answers hard to ask questions people, specifically white people, have about growing up black in America, systemic racism and much more. Each week he brings on a new guest. If you have a question that you are afraid of or uncomfortable asking – then check out his episodes for the answer. Engaging and highly recommended.

  • SERMON: Radical Reconciliation and a “Contrast Community”

    Beaverton FourSquare (Beaverton, OR) pastor Brad Williams gives parallels to what the early church in Acts 6 experienced to what the current church is going through. The Bible has the answers if we are willing to see them.

  • PODCAST: Race in America – The History of Post-Civil War Racism (The Holy Post)

    Phil Vischer, Skye Jethani and Christian Taylor talk about a presentation Phil and his brother Rob Vischer put together that details the ways in which government policies from the past affect Black Americans today.

  • MOVIE: 13th

    13th movie cover

    A visceral, sobering history of the systemic, calculated oppression of Black Americans in the United States. This should be required viewing in High School American History classes. Note that there are graphic images and language.

  • BOOK: Human (Kind)

    Mars Hill Bible pastor Aslee Eiland (Grandville, MI) recalls stories from her childhood, her college years and some of her adult years as she unpacks what it means to extend kindness to other people in all situations – most of the time that just means listening – and that simple act is oftentimes messy.

  • ARTICLE: Racial Injustice Has Benefited Me

    An accessible personal narrative that explains how the way we tell our personal stories is a reflection of our understanding of racism. We really like how Vischer expertly strips back the layers of his own personal story and how that fits in with the overall system in the United States.

  • ARTICLE: Waking Up: Christianity, White Privilege, and the Dark Side of American History

    A detailed, highly researched article that balances historical, cultural and biblical narratives and chronicles the systematic oppression of Black Americans. Forrest cites loads of research and clearly makes his point at the beginning of the article that he wants to move the reader from understanding (empathy, listening) to what can be done to change (action).