By Blair Lutheran | Listen | Watch | 21m
Published in February of 2021

SUMMARY: Preaching from Mark 1 and centering on the theme of repentance Paul Sannerud of Blair Lutheran Church (Blair, WI) says that the ideology of Christian nationalism perverts the gospel in three key ways. First, the nation is seen as the “savior” of history. Second, it embraces power and greatness to save the world. And third, it believes Christians are persecuted when we can’t impose our will on other people.

KEY QUOTE: “Christian nationalism blurs the line between patriotism and Christianity. It is a civil religion that puts our earthly citizenship above our obligations as a follower of Christ.”

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DIG DEEPER: We have curated three guided learning paths to help you think distinctly Christian about Christian nationalism.

The Sin of Christian Nationalism, The First Sunday of Lent

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SERMON: Taking America Back for God?

Any kingdom of the world is incompatible with the kingdom of God. When Christians fuse the sword and the cross we just become another version of a kingdom of the world. In an ardent sermon that resulted in losing over 1000 members of his congregation in 2004 Woodland Hills (St. Paul, MN) pastor Greg Boyd…

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SERMON: Die to Live to – The Problem with Nationalism

Preaching from Mark 11 and using Israel as an example of a nation that could not separate God and country pastor Phil Jeansonne humbly asks, is it possible nationalistic pride is in conflict with Jesus’ values? Is nationalism so ingrained and culturally acceptable we are unaware of our divided devotion? Is the way we define…

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SERMON: Christian Nationalism (Phil. 3:20-21)

Pastor Tyler Alverson of Seven Oaks Church (Mayfield, KY), preaching from Philippians 3:20-21, invites us to reconsider Christian nationalism. A term that he defines as when self-identifying Christians put the love of God and the love of country on equal ground with no distinction between the two.

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