By Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry |
Published in October of 2020

SUMMARY: Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry, authors of Taking America Back for God, define what Christian nationalism is, what the movement’s key ideologies have been throughout history, and why the ideology is a threat to democracy.

KEY QUOTE: “A political theology that co-opts Christian narratives and symbolism. Christian nationalism has its own version of the ‘elect,’ those chosen by God. They are ‘people like us,’ meaning conservative Christian, but also white, natural-born citizens. Moreover, in a prosperous nation, only ‘the elect’ should control the political process while others must be closely scrutinized, discouraged, or even denied access. This ideology is fundamentally a threat to a pluralistic, democratic society.”

DIG DEEPER: We have curated three guided learning paths to help you think distinctly Christian about Christian nationalism.


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ARTICLE: Christian Nationalism Cannot Save the World

Russell Moore, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and director of the Public Theology Project at Christianity Today, shows that Christian Nationalism is a virulent flavor of secularism and cannot, as no secularism can, save the world, or even save an individual.

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ARTICLE: The Inevitable Tragedy of Christian Nationalism

At one point in his life author Joe Forrest thought if we had more Christians in the world then the world would get better, but the current iteration of Christian nationalism has him abandoning his theory. The idolatrous mixture of nationalism and religion has birthed Christians who simply think, believe, vote, and fear like themselves.…

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