By Tish Harrison Warren | Christianity Today
Published in September of 2020

SUMMARY: Priest Tish Harrison Warren argues that the church’s response to racism should be different then the worlds – we should be able to admit systemic racism while also moving past the guilt and shaming of others and ourselves. We love the both/and worldview of this article.

KEY QUOTE: “White Christians cannot confront the horror of racism in America unless we believe ourselves to be beloved and forgiven in Jesus. We bear the individual and cultural disorder caused by 400 years of oppression through slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, redlining, and inequality. We continue to reap what our history and idolatry have sown in our institutions, churches, cultures, habits, and dispositions. That burden of guilt and shame is frankly too much for a human being to carry without being crushed. We have only one hope: that in Christ, we are far more loved than we could ever imagine.”

DID YOU KNOW?: We have curated numerous articles on racism, take a look.

Read the full article at Christianity Today

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