By Andre E. Johnson | Religion Dispatches
Published in June of 2021

SUMMARY: Although the anti-critical race theory rhetoric didn’t really begin in earnest until 2020 (hint: an election year), the groundwork was being laid back in 2018 by evangelicals in speeches, blogs, and sermons. Reporter Andre E. Johnson traces the roots of white evangelicalism’s obsession opposing CRT.

KEY QUOTE: “In short, the belief that CRT and Intersectionality are problematic comes not only from a lack of understanding of the terms, but how conservatives and white evangelicals have positioned them as anti-faith—and more particularly, anti-Christian. Thus, while more people are hearing more—and hopefully learning more—about CRT, more are also opposing it because they believe their faith teaches them to do so. I suggest that an understanding of how this rhetoric works and the foundations that this rhetoric is built upon is a start and should be included in any discussion or teaching going forward.”

DID YOU KNOW? We have a learning capsule about critical race theory to help learn and think Christianly about CRT.

Read the full article at Religion Dispatches

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ARTICLE: What is Critical Race Theory?

In clear and concise prose, the editors of Faithfully Magazine list the core concepts and roots of critical race theory in addition to the inception and current iteration of the backlash against critical race theory. With plenty of opportunity to dig deeper, this article is an excellent starting point to learn about CRT.

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