By Pass the Mic | Listen | 44m
Published in September of 2020

SUMMARY: The reason why many white people become defensive when talking about white privilege is because white people have never had to reckon with whiteness as an identity. Author, professor, and theologian Dr. Willie Jennings says that we have to recognize whiteness and it’s deep roots in American society and the American church before reconciliation can happen. If you are white, this is a difficult, but needed, critique to listen to.

KEY QUOTE: “Whiteness was imagined as a wonderful achievement for so many people, especially Christians. They never had any need, nor any desire, to separate themselves from the positivity that is whiteness. And so for so many when you say the word whiteness and talk about critique many feel personally attacked – they feel like we are engaging in a form of hate speech because we are calling into question whiteness and pointing out that whiteness is a way of being in the world that is detrimental to the world.”

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