By Lamont English | Faithfully Magazine
Published in December of 2020

SUMMARY: Lamont English tells it like it is by stating that Christians are treating critical race theory in the 2020’s the same way white Christians treated racism and white supremacy in the 1960’s by blanket labeling it communist and Marxist. Sure, there are parts of critical race theory that Christians should reject, but there are also useful parts. At the very least Christians should do their homework and not parrot platitudes.

KEY QUOTE: “Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a theory that seeks to explain the problem of racism, how it’s affected society, and offer various solutions. As with any secular theory, there are parts of CRT that go against orthodox and clear biblical teachings, such as its view of sexuality. As Christians, we are to reject those parts. But there are parts of CRT that we as Christians can and should agree with, such as oppression and racism being major issues within our society.”

DID YOU KNOW? We have a learning capsule about critical race theory to help learn and think Christianly about CRT.

Read the full article at Faithfully Magazine

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ARTICLE: What is Critical Race Theory?

In clear and concise prose, the editors of Faithfully Magazine list the core concepts and roots of critical race theory in addition to the inception and current iteration of the backlash against critical race theory. With plenty of opportunity to dig deeper, this article is an excellent starting point to learn about CRT.

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