By Multiple authors |
Published in August of 2014

SUMMARY: A collection of seven succinct articles penned by black pastors, authors and one former policeman following the murder of Michael Brown in 2014. Stacy Hillard‘s, Leonce Crump‘s part 1 and Bryan Loritts articles are standouts. A good three or four presses of the page down key should get you to the start of each article – it is worth the extra work.

KEY QUOTE: “Race is important because of the role it has played in shaping how we perceive others and ourselves. However, until we’re able to move beyond race and talk openly and honestly about perspective, our conversation will go nowhere. What the African American community really wants from law enforcement is respect and protection. Conversely, what law enforcement wants from the African-American community is respect and appreciation.” – Stacy Hillard

DID YOU KNOW? We have distilled the media we have curated into guided learning paths to help you learn about racism in your preferred learning style.

Read the full article at

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