PODCAST: Juneteenth – Reflection on a National Holiday

In an informative and practical 40-minutes Jemar Tisby touches on three reasons why he advocated for Juneteenth to be a national holiday, discusses the historical origins and context of the holiday, lists some unintended consequences of making Juneteenth a federal holiday, and humbly suggests that Black and white people should celebrate the holiday differently.

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PODCAST: Is America’s Gun Culture a Blessing or Curse? with David French

Host Skye Jethani and columnist David French role model what it is like to have a conversation from a shared Christian background, but disagree on specific policies. The insightful conversation touches on red flag laws, suicide and guns, the right to self defense, and whether it is a good or bad to have more people with concealed carry permits. With good faith arguments made on both sides their conversation will make you think thoughtfully about the gun debate. Skip to skip to 32:38 to get to the interview.

PODCAST: White Supremacy, Guns, and Mass Shootings

Co-hosts Mike Erre, Timothy Stafford, and Bonnie Lewis knock it out of the park as they detail three ways Christians should not respond to mass shootings, but quickly pivot to the ways Christians must be different in how we approach tragedy. The foundation lies in that all humans are created in the image of God. That belief should shift our focus from political memes, partisan talking points, and platitudes to lamenting where we tell the truth with the backdrop of a loving and powerful God.

PODCAST: Christians, Guns and the Mass Shooting Epidemic

Journalist Kirsten Powers begins the podcast with a personal story about the aggressive nature of the National Rifle Association (NRA) before she and co-host Jonathan Merritt critique the organization for putting partisanship and profits over life. The duo aptly point out the hypocrisy in some pro-gun arguments made in bad faith such as it's not a gun problem, it's a mental health problem, and the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.