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Published in February/March/May of 2016

SUMMARY: After reading the article The Value of Human Life and watching Image of God Biblical Theme, dig deeper into the doctrine of the image of God with this four-part series that details the history of the doctrine and what the philosophy means for Christians and how they live in the world. The historical context that Tim Mackie and Jon Collins bring to the conversation cements the fact of how revolutionary Genesis 1 is and continues to be, although it is often lost on modern Christians.

While the podcasts are dense with information it is worth the time invested as the image of God explains how a Christian’s everyday work, the so-called mundane, is important to God and mandated by him.

KEY QUOTES: “God is for humans and he is for his world. He personally bound his own self to this world in the image of God that is Jesus. Humans can find their new humanity restored according to the true image of God by binding themselves to Jesus and letting Jesus restore the image within us so that when the kingdom of God is fully realized in the new creation the story can go where God wanted it to go.”

Our latest curated media on the image of God:

PODCAST: Uniquely Unique | Image of God

Finishing a six-part series on what it means to be human Language of God hosts Jim Stump and Colin Hoggerwerf, along with scientists and theologians, turn their focus onto defining the complicated statement of humans being made in the image of God. Some have postulated that it is because we can see things as they…

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SERMON: In the Image of God

What if before we walked into a room we told ourselves that we represent the image of God in this room? In a challenging and insightful sermon author and pastor Skye Jethani says we have been taught that we are created to serve God, which he says is a pagan calling, but what we have…

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