ARTICLE: A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory

By Timothy Keller |
Published in August of 2020

SUMMARY: In a compelling and exhaustive article American theologian and pastor Timothy Keller critiques four secular justice theories through a Biblical lens and provides the reasons why Biblical justice provides the most comprehensive way to address all justice concerns.

The article is long, but packed with loads of information and is well worth your time.

KEY QUOTE: “Biblical justice differs in significant ways from all the secular alternatives, without ignoring the concerns of any of them. Yet Christians know little about biblical justice, despite its prominence in the Scriptures. This ignorance is having two effects. First, large swaths of the church still do not see ‘doing justice’ as part of their calling as individual believers. Second, many younger Christians, recognizing this failure of the church and wanting to rectify things, are taking up one or another of the secular approaches to justice, which introduces distortions into their practice and lives.”

Read the full article at

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