BOOK: Prophetic Lament

By Soong-Chan Rah | | 224 pages
Published in September of 2015

SUMMARY: Associate professor at North Park Theological Seminary (Chicago, IL) Soong-Chan Rah meticulously goes through the five chapters of Lamentations providing a theological framework for lament while simultaneously critiquing the American church . He argues that American exceptionalism and its theology of praise has pushed out the important practice of lament in the American church.

At times his line by line analysis is intense, but necessary as he provides context to what the prophet Jeremiah is writing about. Soong-Chan Rah does a superb job at the end of each chapter summarizing what he talked about and connecting the lessons in Lamentations with the current events of today.

This intense study is not for everyone, but those willing to invest the time will have a robust understanding of lament and a plethora of wise passages penned by Rah connected back to scripture.

KEY QUOTE: “The term justice is too casually thrown about without the corresponding sacrifice. We want the popularity associated with being justice activists, but we don’t want to lament alongside those who suffer.”

BONUS: If you do not want to read the book, take 52 well spent minutes and listen to Soong-Chan Rah talk about his book on the RePlacing Church podcast.

81 Soong-Chan Rah on the Prophetic Act of Lament

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