By Chris Marshall | | 74 pages
Published in November of 2005

SUMMARY: In less than 70 pages Chris Marshall, with plenty of scriptural evidence, says that justice is a central theme of the Bible and it is how God relates to the world.

Marshall first defines what justice and Biblical justice is and then addresses the nuance of Biblical justice. He finishes the book with a look at how Jesus role modeled Biblical justice during his time on earth.

Grab a pen and pad of paper because this short gem is packed full of thought provoking information.

KEY QUOTE: “Present injustices must never simply be tolerated or accepted as inevitable. We are not meant to resign ourselves to the evils of the world, while waiting passively for God’s coming to sweep them away. Instead, we are to work tirelessly in partnership with God for the greater attainment of justice here and now, knowing that God shall ultimately bring our efforts to fruition in the renewal of creation. God’s coming justice is the culmination of, not a substitute for, human striving for greater justice here and now.”

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