By Jemar Tisby | Amazon Prime | 4h 13m
Published in January of 2020

SUMMARY: Author Jemar Tisby traces the intertwining of race, the church and politics from the 1400’s into the 21st century in his 12-part study series with episodes ranging from 5 to 26 minutes. Tisby clearly shows how racism has been woven into the fabric of American life with the church’s explicit and implicit support.

This would be great to watch and discuss in a small group church setting, in a classroom or with family and friends. Or use the watch party button to watch with friends virtually.

The introduction episode addresses all of the popular rebuttals to racism. Episodes 2-10 touch on the history of racism and episode 11 details a framework on how to get involved. Total runtime is 253 minutes – an average 21 minutes per episode.

This is heavy content and requires a large time commitment, but if you want to dig deeper, this is a fantastic resource. Warning there are graphic depictions of lynchings.

KEY QUOTE: “The American church has compromised with racism. Countless Christians have ignored, obscured or misunderstood this history. The excuses are gone – this information cannot be hidden. Now that racism has been exposed – what are you going to do about it?

More curated resources from Jemar Tisby:

BOOK: The Color of Compromise

To this day church services across the nation are some of the most segregated times of the week. Is this by random chance or was this intentional? Author Jemar Tisby details the sordid history of the American church and its complicity with racism in the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller The Color of Compromise.

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PODCAST: What is biblical justice? (Jude 3 Project)

In a roundtable discussion Dr. Charlie Dates, Dr. Yolanda Pierce, Dr. Nicole Massie Martin, and Jemar Tisby discuss a number of questions regarding justice including what justice is, how to live in tension in a society that will never be perfect and yet as Christians we are called to change, when to use power and/or protest, what reparations could look like and why the Bible provides us with the unique framework to overcome injustice and prevent those in power from abusing it. The highlights include the nuanced talk of violence (18:10) and reparations (32:10).

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BOOK: How to Fight Racism

How to Fight Racism by Jemar Tisby is a book to help you take the next step when you want concrete, actionable advice and recommendations on how to work against racism. It is a Christian’s guidebook on being an anti-racist similar to how Compassion and Conviction is a guidebook for Christians engaging with politics.

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