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Published in November of 2021

SUMMARY: In just four minutes, Justin Giboney breaks down the origins of the word “woke” and encourages Christians to use words charitably. Skip to 7 minutes to get to the interview.

KEY QUOTE: “For Christians, it is always important for Christians to use words in a charitable way and make sure to try and understand what people are really getting at and say, ‘Hey, how is the use of this word impacting people and making them feel?’ I’ve used ‘woke’ in a lot of different ways – some positive, sometimes even as a pejorative when there is some excesses attached to it. I do think we should be careful. We should be considerate of what others mean…and make sure we are giving them a hearing and as much understanding as we can.” – Justin Giboney

“We have to make sure we are not using words that dismiss people. I think one of the problems with the woke label is that often it’s used by folks who are little more conservative as a means of just dismissing anyone who talks about justice or anyone who talks about equality… Christians always have to be very careful to stay away from using words that allow us to dismiss things that we should be paying attention to…and things that make us uncomfortable and challenge us. I am afraid the word woke has been used in that way too often.” – Justin Giboney

DID YOU KNOW?: We have a learning capsule about woke with resources to help you faithfully learn about the term.

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Mornings with Carmen LaBerge | What does woke mean? – Justin Giboney

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