By KPBS and One Minute Apologist | 4 min and 2 min 22 sec
Published in March of 2022 and October of 2020

SUMMARY: Just six minutes and two videos is all it takes to quickly learn about the origins of the word woke, its many definitions, and why we should ask people what they mean when they use the term before engaging in a conversation.

KEY QUOTE: “People are going to use the term woke in a number of different ways. For that reason it is really important that if you encounter people using that term (you should) ask them some clarifying questions…so we don’t make assumptions, strawman one another, and not get anywhere in conversations that could otherwise be really helpful.”

DID YOU KNOW?: We have a learning capsule about woke with resources to help you faithfully learn about the term.

More curated resources on woke:

ARTICLE: A history of wokeness

An excellent deep dive replete with songs, videos, and tweets that trace the origin of woke, its multiple definitions, and how it is being used in our current cultural moment.

ARTICLE: Notable tweets on the term ‘woke’

Two notable tweet threads from author Dr. Esau McCaulley and Love Thy Neighborhood founder Jesse Eubanks on why we need to be need to be thoughtful with the words we use and not parrot partisan lexicon.

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