By Kimberly Winston | FiveThirtyEight
Published in November of 2021

SUMMARY: One pastor advocates for gun reform, the other trains and arms his congregation. Both had mass shootings take place at their churches. In this well-researched article, Kimberly Winston digs into the relationship between guns and Christians and what Christians, both armed and unarmed, are doing to prevent gun violence.

KEY QUOTE: “How did these two Christian leaders come to such opposite conclusions? Both read the same Bible, worship the same God and have suffered unfathomable losses to unspeakable violence at the hands of disturbed individuals who managed to acquire legal firearms. Yet on the issue of guns, there is a gulf between them.”

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Whether you are looking for just the essentials, are limited on time, or have a media preference we have a learning path for you to begin your education about guns and gun violence through a distinctly Christian lens.

BOOK: Collateral Damage

Pastor James Atwood, who passed away in 2020, called gun violence the most important theological issue for the American church. He is rooted in the belief that all humans are created in the image of God and from Mark 12:28-34 where Jesus says the most important commandment is to love God and love your neighbor. Atwood says you cannot love God and not love your neighbor, they are fundamentally connected. Collateral Damage is a prophetic call for the church to get involved and not remain silent when 40,000 fellow image bearers are being killed each year while hundreds of thousands more are psychologically and emotionally damaged from the effects of gun violence.

MOVIE: Beating Guns

SUMMARY: Based on the book (which we also recommend) with the same name Beating Guns centers on RAW tools founder Michael Martin and activist Shane Claiborne and their 2018 protest that attempted to deliver a garden tool to Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey in hopes of him supporting legislation to ban assault rifles.

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