By Elizabeth Van Brocklin |
Published in December of 2019

SUMMARY: A must listen to, sobering 24-minutes where kids from kindergarten to high school give their thoughts on school lockdown drills.

KEY QUOTE: “It has this weird feeling as I could go to school and I could die. Pick a day of the week. Take a calendar and throw a dart at a calendar. I could die on that day.”

Lockdown: What Kids Think About School Shooting Drills


More curated resources on guns/gun violence:

FIVE QUESTIONS: Guns/Gun Violence

ls gun violence a gun problem or a heart problem? Is it my God-ordained right to carry a gun? Can we implement gun restrictions and protect Second Amendment rights? How can I be distinctly Christian in how I approach gun and gun violence? How can I help?

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Whether you are looking for just the essentials, are limited on time, or have a media preference we have a learning path for you to begin your education about guns and gun violence through a distinctly Christian lens.

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BOOK: Collateral Damage

Pastor James Atwood, who passed away in 2020, called gun violence the most important theological issue for the American church. He is rooted in the belief that all humans are created in the image of God and from Mark 12:28-34 where Jesus says the most important commandment is to love God and love your neighbor. Atwood says you cannot love God and not love your neighbor, they are fundamentally connected. Collateral Damage is a prophetic call for the church to get involved and not remain silent when 40,000 fellow image bearers are being killed each year while hundreds of thousands more are psychologically and emotionally damaged from the effects of gun violence.

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