By Elizabeth Van Brocklin |
Published in December of 2019

SUMMARY: A must-listen-to, sobering 24-minutes where kids from kindergarten to high school give their thoughts on school lockdown drills.

KEY QUOTE: “It has this weird feeling as I could go to school and I could die. Pick a day of the week. Take a calendar and throw a dart at a calendar. I could die on that day.”

Lockdown: What Kids Think About School Shooting Drills

DID YOU KNOW? We curated four guided learning paths on guns and gun violence to help you learn about the subject through a distinct Christian lens.


More curated resources on guns/gun violence:

BOOK: God and Guns in America

Few Christian books can integrate and appeal to Scripture without sounding preachy, pretentious, or perfunctory. Even more so when an author takes on a polarizing subject such as guns. And yet this is what Michael W. Austin’s God and Guns in America excels at. Biblically rooted as well as logically sound, Austin’s approachable writing style…

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FIVE QUESTIONS: Guns/Gun Violence

ls gun violence a gun problem or a heart problem? Is it my God-ordained right to carry a gun? Can we implement gun restrictions and protect Second Amendment rights? How can I be distinctly Christian in how I approach gun and gun violence? How can I help?

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