By The Holy Post | Listen | 1h 20m
Published in December of 2020

SUMMARY: Although the podcast starts off a little goofy, Phil Vischer, Skye Jethani and Kaitlyn Schiess discuss the wholesale rejection of critical race theory in a meeting between six southern Baptist presidents. We recommend you skip to 43:19 where the interview with David Fitch begins. He maintains that critical race theory, and all critical theories for that matter, are good diagnostic tools, but they must not be divorced from a Christian view of justice. The interview provides a succinct, nuanced history of critical theory that does not throw the baby out with the bath water.

KEY QUOTE: “All these critical theorists would agree that (CRT) is not a basis for building a theory of justice…All critical theory is more diagnostic then it is basing a substantive theory of justice on…At their best, these cultural theorists teach us how to ask good questions, make astute observations, locate voices (where) it can open space for the work of God in Christ to reconcile, heal, make bodies whole, (and) put into place various reactions and other formations… In other words, critical race theory is a useful tool for understanding what is going on in society, but it falls short of an actual framework for justice itself.”

DID YOU KNOW? We have a learning capsule about critical race theory to help learn and think about CRT from a Christian lens. QUEUE IT UP: Sunday to Saturday has curated topical playlists on Listen Notes where you can subscribe and listen to them in your favorite podcast player.

DID YOU KNOW? We have a learning capsule about critical race theory to help learn and think Christianly about CRT.

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PODCAST: Race, CRT, and Evangelism with Dr. Ed Uszynski

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