By Tony Evans | Listen | Watch | 47m
Published in July of 2021

SUMMARY: Oak Cliff Bible (Dallas, TX) pastor Tony Evans looks at three aspects of critical race theory (CRT): the original definition, the crisis and confusion over it today, and how Christians should respond.

Evans is a master at taking the complicated, layered, and fluid history of CRT and breaking it down into easily understandable terms. This is the best resource on CRT from a Christian perspective thus far.

KEY QUOTE: “If you are spending more time discussing CRT than you are KRT (Kingdom Race Theory – Eph. 2), then you have been tricked by the world. You should know about it. You should understand it…but now in Christ there are new rules. And if we abide by the new rules in Christ, then we will create something new. So while they are fighting out there, we have peace in here because we are operating on one new man.”

BONUS: If you prefer to read Evans’ sermon, Faithfully Magazine has transcribed most of it.

DID YOU KNOW? We have a learning capsule about critical race theory to help learn and think Christianly about CRT.

Tony Evans: The Truth About Critical Race Theory

Recent media curated about critical race theory:

PODCAST: Understanding Critical Race Theory with Bradly Mason

Big Brown Army host DeCruz and critical race theory expert Bradly Mason have an in-depth conversation where DeCruz asks several honest, poignant questions about CRT. Mason has clearly done a lot of research on CRT and we appreciated his nuanced answers. We particularly liked when he pointed out that as Christians we don’t have to…

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PODCAST: Critical Theory & the Christian with David Fitch

Although the podcast starts off a little goofy, Phil Vischer, Skye Jethani and Kaitlyn Schiess discuss the wholesale rejection of critical race theory in a meeting between six southern Baptist presidents. The real meat though is in the interview ( where we recommend you start — skip to 43:19) with David Fitch who says that…

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