TV-14 | YouTube | 23 min
Released in April of 2013

SUMMARY: The founder and curator of the New Jim Crow museum, Dr. David Pilgrim, gives short history lessons as he walks viewers through his museum. One of the points that the museum attempts to get across (and does well) is the pervasive nature of the racist laws, caricatures, and violence against Black people across the United States. Well worth 23 minutes of your time. This is an excellent video for a history class or small group discussion.

KEY QUOTES: “Ask yourself the question – if you grow up and growing up you see literally thousands of examples of cartoons, in movies, in books and in real life of blacks being the victims pain, and the victims of aggression and also the perpetuators, what seeds does that plant? What we try to do in the entire museum is to re-emphasize that the pieces in here are caricatures, they are not real people, it’s a distortion, it’s a lie.”

DID YOU KNOW?: We have guided learning paths on racism to help you jump start your learning journey.

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