By Dr. Gregory Lee | YouTube | 1h 45m
Published in December of 2019

SUMMARY: A one-hour lecture on the history of discrimination against Asian people in America and how the model minority myth still exists and is used as a wedge between the Asian and Black communities. The lecture is followed by a 40 presentation with four therapists that address common mental issues in the Asian American communities.

KEY QUOTE: “Asian Americans experience a nagging sense that other Americans do not consider them to be real Americans – that we remain foreigners that don’t really belong here…We are stereotyped as foreigners, as nerds, as those lacking personality, unable to speak English and good at only math and the violin. We are depicted in media outlets and the entertainment industry as sneaky, bucktoothed and slant eyed outsiders. And we are frequently confronted with insulting comments that are meant to underscore our otherness or not belonging here.”

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