By The Way Home Podcast | Listen | 25m
Published in September of 2018

SUMMARY: Senior vice president at National Religious Broadcasters Daniel Darling and attorney and political strategist Justin Giboney knock it out of the park in what is one of the best 25-minute podcasts of all time. From the need for truth and love in politics to tribalism to human dignity to why institutions are important Giboney and Darling clearly articulate a distinct, unique vision for a Christian who is engaged in politics and pursuing justice.

The discussion about human dignity and the Imago Dei is outstanding. We cannot recommend this podcast enough.

KEY QUOTE: “It is so hard to cut through the talking points, the false narratives, and all that stuff. But human dignity, that language and that understanding of what that means, is something that we should all have common ground on.”

DID YOU KNOW?: Sunday to Saturday has curated topical playlists on Listen Notes where you can subscribe and listen to them in your favorite podcast player.

The Way Home: Justin Giboney on being pro-life and pro-justice

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