By The Bible Project | Listen | 4 episodes; 193m
Published in October of 2017

SUMMARY: A four-part series, including a question and answer session, that takes a theological deep dive into Biblical justice. The 193 total minutes are not for the faint of heart, but if you can make it through you will have a thorough understanding of Biblical justice.

Episode 1 covers the way people define justice is filtered through a particular worldview lens, but the Bible has a distinct view. There are two forms of justice – rectifying and restorative. Of the 400 mentions of justice in the Old Testament 9 out of 10 refer to restorative justice. Restorative justice involves mercy, love and humility.

Episode 2 dives into righteousness and justice being the foundation of God’s throne (Ps. 99). Episode 3 shows how Jesus embodied Biblical justice by making the problems of the quartet of the vulnerable (widows, poor, immigrants, orphans) his and that we are called to the same standard.

Episode 4 concludes the series with a question and answer session.

KEY QUOTE: “If I honor the Bible as a source of divine wisdom I have to reckon with the fact that this extraordinary emphasis on the vulnerable and their problems need to become the problem of those with influence and resources and voice and that’s the definition of a just community…And justice and righteousness (their) primary meanings are my posture towards the vulnerable and the poor in my community – and it is not simple.”

DID YOU KNOW?: Sunday to Saturday has curated topical playlists on Listen Notes where you can subscribe and listen to them in your favorite podcast player.

Episode 1: What’s the Biblical Vision of Justice?

Episode 2: What is Social Justice & Righteousness in the Bible?

Episode 3: Jesus & His Mission of Justice

Episode 4: Justice Q&R

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