By Tim Shorey | Listen | 43m
Published in June of 2020

SUMMARY: The Bible is full of calls for justice — Isaiah 1, Micah 6, Matthew 25 and Amos 5 are just a few examples. Unfortunately the term social justice has taken on many definitions causing confusion and arguments between people. Pastor Tim Shorey of Risen Hope Church (Drexel Hill, PA) argues that Christians need to use the term Biblical justice which he defines as, “giving all image bearers of God their due.”

Shorey continues to say that Biblical justice is unique in that it respects the equal work of every person, is not prejudicial to anyone, plays no favorites and patiently resolves. Skip to 10:55 on the listen notes link to get to the sermon.

KEY QUOTE: “If I am going to do justice then I must think carefully and almost reverently whenever I interact with another human being. If I in anyway disrespect or disregard that human being then I am not just. I am not giving to every image bearer that which is their due. Biblical justice respects the equal work of every person.”

Biblical justice | June 14, 2020 – Tim Shorey

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