By Tim Keller | Watch | 29m
Published in March of 2014

SUMMARY: Most Christians fall into two camps – one champions justice but not justification while the other prizes justice but not justification. Theologian Tim Keller argues that justice and the doctrine of justification should work hand in hand.

The doctrine of justification will change a person’s attitude towards justice as it has a high view of justice, it changes how one views the poor and it changes the perspective of the poor and those outside the church. This a a short, excellent and nuanced sermon on Biblical justice and how it should be intertwined internally and visible externally with a Christian’s faith.

KEY QUOTE: “Justice is the sign you have been justified by faith. It’s not the basis – you are not justified because you are helping the poor. But a heart poured out in deeds of justice and mercy to the poor is the inevitable sign that you have been justified. You have been saved by grace.”

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