By Justin Giboney | Christianity Today
Published in September of 2020

SUMMARY: From the four gospels to Isaiah to Micah and more, the Bible paints a clear picture that Christians should pursue justice, not just with words, but with action. These actions can help repair the credibility of the church while helping marginalized groups in addition to serving as a witness to the power of the Gospel.

KEY QUOTE: “At best, many white evangelicals treat racial justice like an extracurricular activity. At worst, racial justice is framed as a distraction to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Justice isn’t a lack of injustice. It’s an active affirmative with form and substance of its own. Christians need to bring the same tenacity that we demonstrate when advocating for pro-life and religious liberty to the policy debate about racialized violence. And if evangelism is to be our first priority, we’d best begin battling injustice, if for no other reason than to prove our faith isn’t dead.”

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