By Thabiti Anyabwile | Watch | 47m
Published in February of 2018

SUMMARY: Simply put — to do justice is to worship God. Many in the American evangelical church have lost sight of that fact. Referencing Micah 6, Amos 5, Isaiah 1 and a host of other scriptures pastor Thabiti Anyabwile of Anacostia River Church (Washington, DC) implores the church to recognize that God’s character is righteous and just and therefore to know God is to pursue righteousness and justice. For the preachers, Anyabwile has five ways preachers need to lead and instruct their congregations in regards to justice.

KEY QUOTE: See how active a part of our worship this is meant to be (in Isaiah 1). We are to seek justice – we are to search for it like treasure. It is to hunt it like a hound. He says correct oppression. In other words take a stance against it. Make the crooked straight. Bring justice to the fatherless. Don’t make them come looking for it. You be sure to take it to them. Plead the widows cause. Open your mouth. Speak up for the vulnerable. Take up their cause as your own. These are the worship requirements of the God himself who practices steadfast love, righteousness and justice in the earth. He delights in these things. We cannot come to him praising him with our lips if our hearts are not like his.

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