By Gaius Charles | Christianity Today
Published in September of 2020

SUMMARY: Using the story of boxer Mohammed Ali leaving his Christian faith because the church he attended would not stand up for him in the face of discrimination actor Gauis Charles wonders if the Christian church is in a similar moment. The church in the past has been complicit with slavery and many churches have not engaged in anti-racism teaching. Will the failure of the church to lead on issues of race result in people walking away?

KEY QUOTE: “Every institution in society needs to take part in the worldwide effort to secure racial equity. My hope, while faint, is that white evangelicals will also reform their culture and join in the fight to ensure that black lives matter in America and around the world. My fear is if they don’t, other groups will arise to fill the leadership vacuum and become the spiritual and moral compass supplanting the love, transformative power, and eschatological hope for divine healing, reconciliation, and restoration only Jesus Christ can truly provide.”

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