By David Williams |
Published in January of 2016

SUMMARY: In December of 2015 Michelle Higgins gave a keynote speech at the Urbana 15 missions conference in support of Black Lives Matter. The response to her statement from some evangelicals was swift and all to common. All lives matter, the BLM movement is socialist, and Christians shouldn’t support BLM as they are out to destroy the nuclear family were some of the common rebuttals.

Pastor David Williams attempts to breakdown the difference between BLM’s hashtag, movement, and network while trying to get at the truth. Although this is centered around InterVarsity’s position in 2016, much of the article is relevant today. Lots of excellent links included in the article to dig deeper as well.

KEY QUOTE: “It is a commitment to courageous and prophetic honesty about the plight of the Black community, and a call to defend the dignity of our Black brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, wherever their lives and dignity are threatened or diminished. However, commitment to the truth that Black lives matter does not automatically commit one to any particular set of proposed policies or reforms.”

AFTER READING THE ARTICLE: Read chapter 4 in Compassion (&) Conviction where the authors talk on how to be co-belligerents with organizations that don’t 100% line up with Christian values.

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