R | Amazon Prime | YouTube | 1h 40m
Released in March 2016

SUMMARY: Musician Daryl Davis has made it one of his life’s missions to answer the question ‘why do you hate me when you know nothing about me?’ by sitting down and talking with white supremacists and members of the Klu Klux Klan. Over multiple decades Davis has befriended numerous members of the KKK by listening and forming a relationship with people that hate him because of the color of his skin.

Davis has slowly, but steadily influenced dozens of racists to walk away from the KKK and renounce an ideology that they once held close by simply listening. Davis’ story is a unique look at what it really means to have a relationship and dialogue with someone whose views you oppose. We all can learn from Davis’ slow, effective approach. Note that there are violent images and some swearing (several f-bombs).

KEY QUOTE: “If you have an adversary, someone with an opposing point of view – regardless of how extreme it may be — and believe me I have heard things that have cut me to the bone, — but give that person a platform and allow them to air their views. When you do things like that there is an excellent chance that people will reciprocate.”

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