By For the Love | Listen | 1h 5m
Published in January of 2020

SUMMARY: Political divisiveness has saturated American political culture and unfortunately there is little distinction between how Christians and non-Christians engage in conversation. But, Christians are called to be nuanced and intentional in political discourse.

One way Christians can do that is by having dinner with people that do not share the same political opinion. Author Eugene Cho and podcaster Jen Hatmaker have an enriching conversation ranging from political identity to patriotism to how to practically get, and stay, involved, in politics. Part of a four part series that is worth exploring.

KEY QUOTE: “The danger of cultural Christianity is when we basically have our agenda and we pepper Jesus on top of it. The danger of it is that it doesn’t produce disciples of Christ. We’re producing cultural Christians that are more enamored of building up, propping up the kingdom of America.”

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