By Jemar Tisby | Comment Magazine
Published in October of 2022

SUMMARY: In a powerful essay author Jemar Tisby asks why many American Christians are not welcoming to the increasing diversity of the country when Revelation 7:9 talks about a diverse multitude standing before the throne of the Lord. As a result, Tisby calls for a modern-day reformation rooted in the image of God. Tisby goes one important step further providing clear, concrete steps such as renewed scholarship, diverse leadership, and making sure our orthodoxy and orthopraxy lineup while pointing out that it starts with us implementing these changes in our communities and organizations. This article is for those that have already have a solid foundation in the image of God and want a deeper dive.

KEY QUOTE: “God’s fingerprints rest on every single person without restriction. They have not touched merely some human beings; they have touched all human beings. His is a holy image that imprints itself on Black and white people, men and women, rich and poor, incarcerated and free, queer and straight, documented and undocumented, nondisabled and disabled, powerful and oppressed. We are equal in value to one another in our shared likeness to God. It is a value at once incalculable, inviolable, with implications for every stage and aspect of life, both individual and corporate.”

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