PODCAST: Not Another Hashtag: A Strategy for Progress

By Jude 3 Project | Listen | YouTube | 1h 11m
Published in June of 2020

SUMMARY: In an enlightening, information packed one hour episode Jude 3 podcast host Lisa Fields asks Vanna Cure, a manager for Prosperity Now, and Justin Giboney, founder of the AND campaign, the next steps after protesting. Getting involved with local politics through the signing of petitions, voting in local elections, holding local officials accountable, hosting town hall meetings and getting involved with local institutions are just some of the ways people can make a difference in their community. This process is slow and arduous that takes resiliency and endurance.

KEY QUOTE: “You can’t let the folks at the extremes control the conversation. Join institutions to keep that pressure on. Sometimes, the truth of the matter is, they (politicians) want to hear from people who are not so extreme. They want you to be able to push back. That’s really what is happening today. The story that I heard John Lewis (Civil Rights leader and Georgia Senator) tell was that when they first went to LBJ (36th president of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson) for the Civil Rights Act and they said, ‘Hey man we need you to pass this,’ he looked at them and said, ‘Make me pass it. Make me go to the other side and say I don’t have a choice but to pass it. Make me do that.’ And that is how politics work. We need to really get past the idea, I don’t care who the politician is, that once we get somebody in office, we just leave them to their own devices. That is not how politics work. That is the main way for whatever movement or agenda that you are pushing – that is how you get it co-opted. Somebody is going to be pushing them. Somebody is going to be holding them accountable and it needs to be you if you want to impact change.”

Listen to the podcast at Jude3Project.org

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