By Ronke Abidoye | Relevant Magazine
Published in July of 2020

SUMMARY: By bringing attention to seemingly innocuous products such as Band-Aids that white people take for granted Ronke Abidoye clearly makes a case that white is the default in American culture and acknowledgment of that fact is needed to move forward.

KEY QUOTE: “American society’s understanding of white-as-default does not translate to mean that all white people are racist because they are white. What I am illuminating here is how unconsciously — even instinctive — basically normal it is (and has been) to think of white as the default, as the norm. Such that non-white automatically feels ‘other’ or, as we like to say, ‘diverse.’”

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  1. The reason for that is in the US blacks are only 12 per cent if the population. With such a minority they will assimilate into the culture if the culture with the larger population. But it is taking a long time. Assimilation between the cultures will eventually occur, unless the groups become separated. Some people in Israel are trying to separate its two cultures into two states. They are not having much success. Cultures have to merge and assimilate ir separate.


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