By The Dharius Daniels Podcast | Listen | 1h 7m
Published in June of 2020

SUMMARY: Dr. Dharius Daniels talks with Dr. Eric Mason as they define what black lives matter and white privilege mean within the context of the gospel. The information is practical and helpful and calls on Christians to share a distinct voice that is a representative of Biblical justice.

KEY QUOTE: “Much of the talk about racial reconciliation really ends up with a racial toleration as a result of exhaustion. We become exhausted and fatigued about talking about it. But it is America’s original sin. I love America, but when you love something that does not mean you ignore its imperfections. Where do you do that at? If you love your marriage you do everything that you can to improve it. If you love your church you do everything that you can to improve it If you love your children you do everything you can to cause them to thrive and flourish. And sometimes that means addressing things that they do not want to address. And saying things that may be hard to hear.”

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