By Church Politics Podcast | Listen | 34m
Published in June of 2020

SUMMARY: A call to the church to get involved in civic matters by bearing witness, preparing for action, supporting and partnering with institutions, focusing on criminal justice elections, engaging with elected officials, advocating for policy change and helping low income churches.

KEY QUOTE: “Make sure that the Christian voice is distinct. We cannot simply follow behind secular tactics and secular agendas. We can’t go out there and say just because they are doing it for justice that means that they are really for justice. One of the things that Christians are going to have to do right now, and do it very clearly, is distinguish between people who are trying to tear down and dismantle unjust systems and unjust institutions and distinguish those folks from those who just like to tear stuff down – to just want to tear down institutions.”

Listen to the podcast at Google Podcasts

CP | Action Steps To Equip The Church To Fight Racial Injustice

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