By Tony Evans | Watch | Listen | 44m
Published in April of 2015

SUMMARY: Almost every Christian is familiar with the Samaritan women at the well story in John, but few see it as a blueprint for how to cross racial divisions. Preaching from John 4:1-42 Oakcliff Bible Fellowship (Dallas, TX) pastor Tony Evans says Jesus first meets the woman as a person and then speaks to her soul.

Evans is adamant that the only reason reconciliation is taking so long is that the church has drifted from the truth and allowed the culture to take over. At the end of the sermon he lists several things churches can do to engage the culture – our favorite was a church adopting a school. What kind of impact could the church make if each one adopted a public school?

KEY QUOTE: “I do not believe the racial problem is nearly as complex or difficult to resolve as we have made it. It is my suggestion that it has only become difficult because the church refuses the authority of Christ and the authority of scripture.”

“The division in America is being controlled by the church…Our illegitimate division along racial, class, and cultural lines is saying, ‘God stay away even though we are inviting you to come.’ Unless the truth rules all this other talk about racial reconciliation is a waste of my time and your time because it don’t take that long when you are operating on an absolute standard. But when the culture and your daddy and your granddaddy has some say though it is going to interfere with the plan of God. Now people are satisfied with reconciliation events that don’t produce any real reconciliation.”

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