By Erina Kim-Eubanks |
Published in November of 2020

SUMMARY: If you are looking to change the narrative around Thanksgiving, pastor Erina Kim-Eubanks has several practical ideas. Some of these include researching the land you live on, (re)learning history, extending hospitality, and changing the narrative around Thanksgiving.

KEY QUOTE: “As we consider the reality that Thanksgiving for American Indians has always been connected to genocide, stolen land, broken treaties, settler colonialism, and violent Christian ideologies such as the Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny, I am being challenged this year, to consider new ways of celebrating Thanksgiving. Non-Native communities must acknowledge that our ‘normal’ ways of celebrating Thanksgiving have often been undergirded by a distortion of history and the erasure of trauma.”

BONUS: Put in your address on to find out what tribe lives/lived on the land you are living on.

DID YOU KNOW? We have a learning capsule about Thanksgiving with resources to help faithfully learn about the holiday.

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