By Peggy McIntosh | The National SEED Project
Published in July of 1989

SUMMARY: An excerpt from the paper that started it all. Instead of categorically dismissing intersectionality, read the original paper and come to an opinion yourself. We found it to be compelling and a useful exercise to answer the twenty six questions included in the excerpt.

Keep in mind that different aspects of a person affects privilege, so not all questions are questions of privilege for all people. On a side note, this is why intersectionality is a useful tool to help parse this out.

Also remember that this is a tool – not Biblical text.

KEY QUOTE: “I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege. So I have begun in an untutored way to ask what it is like to have white privilege. I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was “meant” to remain oblivious. White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools and blank checks.”

DID YOU KNOW?: We have curated numerous other articles on white privilege, take a look.

Read the full article at

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