By Anthony Bradley | Action Institute
Published in January of 2004

SUMMARY: Professor Anthony Bradley says white evangelicals have to get comfortable using the terms white privilege and intersectionality to move the conversation beyond platitudes. White people must admit to their privilege not because they need to feel guilty, but to use their privilege for the poor and the oppressed.

KEY QUOTE: “Our privileges are bestowed upon us by God so that we may use them to love our neighbors well (Matt 22:36-40). It is by embracing God’s providence in this way that we are protected from the poison of envy or a sense of entitlement. Privilege is an opportunity to honor God through reciprocity and charity.”

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Penned from a person who grew up extremely poor the author sympathizes with why poor white people react vehemently against the term white privilege, but ultimately comes to the conclusion that white privilege does exist and perhaps why so many poor white people have a problem with the term is because classism is mixed up…

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